Setting up a home office

Are you finding yourself having to work from home? Telecommuting or working from home can be productive if you are disciplined and have a dedicated space to work. So, what does working from home entail? Of course, you have the basics such as a chair, desk, and computer but how can one be successful at working from home? How to set up a home office.

How to Choose Your Workspace

In order to have a successful work from home space, you need to locate the area of your home that would be of greatest benefit to you. What area of your home you decide to turn into your office all depends on what you need in a home office. If you will be making a lot of telephone calls for example then you should have a door where you can close off home distractions. If you will have to have clients over your home then you might benefit from having a separate entrance to your office besides your main home entrance.

While it sounds great to have the freedom to work from where ever you want in your home you should still dedicate a space. Allowing yourself to work from just anywhere can prove less productive then if you have a dedicated space. Be sure that this space if free from distracting pets, children, and any other person that is not essential to your office space. While it can be nice to have the spouse stop on by with lunch or for a chat, be sure that everyone is aware that you have a job to do and to save the casual talk for after work hours.

Home Office Environment

Having the correct temperature and humidity can also affect your workspace. When you at at the office someone else has to worry about the office environment. However, when you are working from home you are in charged of the environment of which you work. According to the EPA, your indoor humidity should be around 50% with a temperature of between 64 degrees Fahrenheit to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The next important element of setting up a home office is light. While natural light is always best sometimes you have to take what you can get even if it’s a basement. If you don’t have good access to natural light then you will have to settle ambient light. LED lights, as well as desk lamps, can all prove to be most beneficial when setting up a home office.

Room For Equipment and Brainstorming

Having room for your telephone, printer and computer are essential in order to be productive in your home office. However, do not forget about having room for other items such as a bookshelf, pegboard, and filing cabinets. Having quick and easy access to all the work from home essentials will allow you to get more done.

The less time you have to spend outside your home office looking for something the quicker your workday will go allowing you to make it to dinner in time with the family. Isn’t this just the best thing about working from the home? The fact that you can go to dinner without having to sit in rush hour traffic?

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