Are you looking to step up your home’s aesthetic and functionality this spring? New seasons allow for change. Spring is the perfect time to finally renew your kitchen or finally jump onto that home addition you’ve been dreaming about all winter! Nothing says renewal like a fresh coat of bright colors on your walls or those new window treatments. Whether you are looking to modernize your kitchen or revolutionize your outdoor space, springtime is a great time! Here are a few of our top spring home remodeling ideas.

Add Color With Interior Paint

According to Better Homes & Gardens, adding a fresh coat of paint to your room can go a long way. Nothing says renewed and refreshed like a brightly colored bedroom wall. How about spicing up your kitchen this spring with color that will make those walls pop? Great kitchen colors include yellow, mint, aqua, coral, green, pink and light blue. Image walking into your kitchen every morning greeted by a yellow and light blue wall reminiscent of the rising sun against a clear blue sky. You could even add a splash of white or other accents to represent fluffy white clouds. A fresh coat of paint is a budget-friendly way to make any room seem more inviting this spring.

Building a Room Addition

Adding a room to your home is a great way to obtain that necessary space without having to move into a new home. Whether you are looking to have the kiddos move back after college, or perhaps residing with an elderly parent, a room addition can give you the space you need. Spring is a great time to add that much-needed living space to your dwelling. Can’t afford the job of adding an addition to your home? Finishing your attic or basement can be a budget-friendly alternative to adding a room. In some cases, a partially finished space might just require drywalling and painting. Either way, the result will be that much needed additional living space.

Kitchen Remodel

One of the most popular springtime home investments is a kitchen remodel. Your kitchen is the focal point of your home. It is where you are likely to first walk in, therefore remodeling your kitchen is always a good investment. While kitchens are used year-round they tend to be more utilized by you and guests during the fall and winter months. Remodeling your kitchen in the spring allows you plenty of breathing room to have it completed by the time the holiday season returns. Upgrading kitchen cabinets is a great springtime venture to take. Can’t afford new kitchen cabinets? Just replacing the handles and knobs on the cabinet doors can go a long way. Looking for another low-cost kitchen remodel? How about adding some accents of molding to give new life to an aging kitchen.

Remodel Your Outdoor Space

Spring and summer are great seasons to spend outdoors. If you are looking to enjoy more of the great outdoors this summer then think of springtime as your opportunity to get that outdoor space ready! From entertaining your guests with a new deck to cooking dinner out on the grill, remodeling your outdoor space can make the outside of your home just as enjoyable as the inside. Looking for something more? How about adding a pool house or a hot tub for those beautiful evenings. Adding additions outside your home gives you more living space on your property. And having more living space results in more time spent with those you love.

You are not alone in your spring home remodeling journey. Pinnacle Remodeling can help you achieve your home remodeling spring goals. Looking to do some spring home remodels? What could I do to help you make your home remodeling project come to life this spring? Let us help you to facilitate your home remodeling. Reach out to me and let’s talk about how we can make your top spring home remodeling ideas a reality.