There is more to your bathroom lighting than just flipping that light switch. Choosing your bathroom lighting should be as much of a priority as selecting a vanity, toilet or shower placement. Each element in the bathroom requires a different lighting choice. As a result, your bathroom lighting decision needs to be well thought out. Items to consider when choosing bathroom lighting could include everything from practical lighting to stylish lighting. Confused yet? Here are some tips on choosing bathroom lighting.

Bathroom Lighting Should Be Layered

Your bathroom lighting should not only be functional but should also bring beauty and relaxation. You can obtain this functional relaxing lighting oasis by stacking your lighting in layers. Traditional bathroom designers focus on three layers of illumination. A bathroom is not only a place to take care of important business but should also be a place of refuge and relaxation. Lighting places a vital role in the mood of your bathroom.

Your first layer of light should focus on highlighting the natural elegance of your bathroom. This type of lighting can be achieved with a pendant, chandelier, or flush mount type of lighting. The second layer of bathroom lighting is task orientated. This type of lighting is what you would need in order to complete a task such as shaving or applying makeup. Your third layer of lighting would be additional accent lighting that highlights decor or architectural elements.

Bathroom Lighting Finish

Size, finish, and placement are some of the things to consider when designing your bathroom lighting placement. For example, when it comes to fixture finishes you should consider chrome or brass. Unity and flow is key to a relaxing bathroom environment. The best thing about chrome and brass finishes is that they are versatile and can match almost any type of style.

Design is everything when you are looking for feeling and functionality. Matching your fixtures with the lighting and other elements in your bathroom is easiest when you pick from the same finish type such as chrome or brass. Once you decide on a finish it is time to choose your size. The size of your bathroom light fixture can make all the difference whether you are trying to create a certain mood or establish functional elements.

Choosing Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting placement is just as important as where you are going to place the medicine cabinet and mirror. Not all lighting has to serve a task related purpose. Some lighting may just be for mood or relaxation qualities. The key to remember when you are designing your overall bathroom lighting is that you achieve cohesiveness and style.

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