We have all been there before; searching for a professional service provider. When you don’t have a reference, it can be daunting to choosing the best contractor for the job. This is even more important when the job involves making permanent changes to your home. A few years ago I wrote an article for the Billings Gazette which gives some general guidelines for selecting the right pro for your job.

Choosing the right contractor for an outdoor project can mean the difference between ending up with a feature that you will enjoy for years, or a headache that requires constant repair. Our experience with crafting decks and patios can provide you with inspiration for original and long-lasting outdoor features.

From time to time as I look out my rear window, my mind starts to wander thinking about ideas for my future outdoor kitchen area. Rough-sawn beams, weathered stone fireplace, a round table that Arthur would be proud of and a courtyard that resembles a small rainforest. It is there that the savory aroma of charred meat would flow from my man-sized, built-in grill that’s large enough to feed an army…which wouldn’t be complete without the towering brick oven that’s baking enough pizza to crush the culinary delivery giants of our day.

Read the entire article about choosing your contractor at the Billings Gazette. And if you have any questions about your project feel free to contact us to discuss your unique needs and vision.