Most homeowners want to maintain their home value through regular maintenance. But did you know that you might be able to raise your home’s value through renovations? The right additions or updates to your home can increase it’s marketability, along with it’s value.

Choosing the right upgrades to your home can make all the difference. Kitchen and bath updates have the most appeal to prospective home buyers, while a swimming pool will appeal to a narrower market. In their article on renovations, the Billings Gazette elaborates on this:

While some renovations are more likely to add value to a home. Other’s don’t have much of an effect. In Montana, swimming pools and hot tubs don’t usually add a lot of value because many homeowners worry about maintenance, Clark said. On the other hand, a triple-car garage almost always enhances the value of a home because modern families often need extra space to store vehicles and other stuff.

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