GC Magazine has ranked their top 12 kitchen remodeling contractors in Montana, and Pinnacle Remodeling is proud to have been included in this prestigious list! As a general contractor, we rely on both client testimonials as well as peer reviews to build our reputation.

The selection process for this elite list of contractors included several considerations. Only the best kitchen remodeling contractors with a high level of experience, mentions by the press, awards, and kitchen design versatility were considered for inclusion. You can be confident that all of the contractors on this list are among your best choices for kitchen remodeling work.

Considering the amount of time that the average homeowner spends in their kitchen (hint the USDA says that Americans spend an average of 37 minutes per day preparing meals in their kitchens), having a versatile kitchen is a must! What makes a good kitchen? For starters, custom kitchen cabinets of course! There are many other considerations, such as the layout of your appliances, correct placement of cabinets, flooring choices, and on and on. This is why it is so important that you select a contractor capable of designing your living space, and not simply swapping out fixtures.

Custom design work is often very expensive, but at Pinnacle Remodeling we have structured our business to make us as affordable as possible. We believe that a beautiful home is something every homeowner deserves, and truly love what we do.

We are proud to have our work recognized by our peers at GC Magazine, and hope that you will consider Pinnacle Remodeling for your kitchen design and remodeling project.